NOTE: Some images in this portfolio are deliberately blurry to protect the privacy of the companies I have worked with.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of my client.

Introduction: A client approached our team to build a course for business training. It had a very unique strategy to train. It used inspiration from sports (analogies), linked it with human sciences (physiology of the human body) and ultimately presented the business core principles. The course materials were developed by a renowned business trainer. 

Challenge: The course materials had a very unique perspective that had to be reflected through the eLearning materials. 

Solution: There was an extensive proposal plan developed complete with storyboard. After several back and forth with the client team, we finally got the eLearning plan approved. 

Design Features: The following were the main workflow processes for this project: The ADDIE model was used to developed course materials. 

  1. Complete instructional design for all training materials. The course was offered in the form of modules. Each module had its unique learning outcomes and assessment items. 
  2. Videos were developed using VideoScribe, they were submitted for feedback-editing-approval cycle (I worked on these videos).
  3. Course stationary were developed using color codes provided. These included illustrations and cartoon characters (developed by graphic artists in our team). 
  4. Development and editing of audio clips using Audacity. 
  5. Articulate Storyline prototyping for feedback-editing-approval (I was responsible for this). (AGILE or rapid prototyping was used for this process). 

A VideoScribe sample

Successful Project Sample: The initial prototype of the project can be viewed here: Personal Energy

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