NOTE: Some images in this portfolio are deliberately blurry to protect the privacy of the companies I have worked with.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of my client.

Introduction: A health and fitness company approached with this project. They had created state-of-art learning materials for their clients. These materials were in the form of booklets, self-help guides, beautiful images and pdf worksheets. These materials were great when administered in the face-to-face environment. However, they needed to be revamped and organized when administering in the e-learning environment.

Challenge: The client wanted an instructional design approach to create e-learning content, while utilizing all of the materials they had developed.

Solution: After creating several prototypes with the aid of Articulate Storyline 360, the client settled for the Articulate Rise course authoring environment. They wanted as product that was easy to use, in case they needed to make changes later in the course life-cycle. 

Design Features: The following are the main workflow processes:

  1. Organizing client provided material according to categories like: worksheets, audio, video, booklet, content.
  2. Learning outcomes were re-created for each module provided in the pdf file. 
  3. Quiz questions were created for each module. 
  4. Colors, font and other design features were developed using Adobe Illustrator. 
  5. All materials were put together in Articulate Rise. 
  6. Client was trained on how to use Articulate Rise. They created their own account, and this course was transferred to their account. 

Here is the project in action: Finding Your Summit

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