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The Challenge: EPortfolios for AP&L Academy

The Act, Play and Learn Academy is based on a revolutionary game-based learning curriculum. It has unique features that allows instructors to convert a lesson into a game. The UAE National Games is the direct application of the AP&L Curriculum. The games developed are based on UAE Vision 2030 Knowledge Development goals. The challenge was to train the students of AP&L Academy on the importance and value of e-portfolios. 

The Solution: 

Educational e-portfolios are critical for securing a job in the current market. Students need the right motivation to invest their time and energies in creating a database of their skills and achievements. Managers in the current industry no longer prefer a two-dimensional resume. An e-portfolio functions as a three-dimensional resume that provides evidences of the presence of skills in the prospective employees. 

The Result:

AP&L Academy regularly uses this interface to teach the importance of e-portfolios to it's students. The e-Learning program is updated regularly based on the changing student body at the academy. 

The flyer for this academy was built using Adobe InDesign