NOTE: Some images in this portfolio are deliberately blurry to protect the privacy of the companies I have worked with.

Challenge: My audience was already using Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets. The challenge was to demonstrate how to consolidate them on one page for teaching in a remote or a face-to-face learning environment. The audience also needed a demonstration on how to use their LMS features (Schoology) in combination with Hyperdocs. 

Solution: I trained myself to use Hyperdocs. I then created Hyperdocs for class session/lesson planning. It was an instant hit!

Design Features: The following are the main workflow processes:

1. Put together the storyboard for the Hyperdoc. 

2. Analyze the different Google Apps that were to be integrated: Google Jamboard, Google Keep, Google Doc.

3. Analyze the different websites to be used. 

4. Analyze the different links to the LMS to be used for session activities. 


Successful Project Samples: Click here to view a Hyperdoc Example.