Highly organized and experienced educator and learning experience designer with expertise in the education field and regarded as a subject matter expert in curriculum development, e-Learning platforms and oversight of academic and training programs.

Adept in Learning Management Systems, LRS, strategies and development, quality assurance testing, and Educational Technology tools to develop comprehensive educational programs for diverse learners and institutes with unique needs including KPI and accessibility standards.

Knowledgeable in multiple programming languages including HTML5, JavaScript Basic, Hp5, and many SaaS tools for content management and human resource management as well as collaboration.

Holding years of teaching experience along with eLearning curriculum experience has made me a well-rounded designer. Combined with a proven track record of success as a freelancer, with over 120 testimonials and a 90% teaching rating from my previous students shows not only my skill level, but the satisfaction that comes directly from the learners themselves.

Currently open to new opportunities where I can bring extensive value-added services and knowledge to an organization through my existing skill set, while continuing to grow as a professional.

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