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The Challenge:

The National Qualifications Authority is involved in awarding the appropriate education levels to an inidividual according to the established national standards. These levels are awarded regardless of the country of origin or qualification source. The NQA is in essence a national credential evaluating body. It has 10 levels, each equalling to a skill driven certificate to a doctoral degree. The NQA wanted to encourage both the government and the private sector of UAE to get their credentials evaluated. This movement was extremely important for the economic development of UAE. The challenge was to explain what NQA was. Since the concept of credential equalization and evaluation was new to the public, it was very difficult to explain what NQA was and how it could impact the professional life of an individual.   


The Solution: 

We designed a simple and a robust eLearning solution. We used national avatars and story tellers who guided the user througout the experience. The solution was an interactive game that linked every NQA level to its relevant application in the industry. After walking through a series of interactive questions, the user could understand what their NQA level was, how it could help them secure better jobs in UAE and how much more they need to achieve in order to be successful. 


The Result:

The NQA organization was very grateful for our efforts. We had translated the interactive eLearning program into the native language (Arabic) for a wider population to access. It was published on their website for an extended period of time as a marketing and induction effort. Also, the program created by us was installed on mobile devices for users to use in several exhbitions and education programs held in the year the levels were introduced. 

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