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The Challenge: 

The Higher Colleges of Technology is a leading vocational education institute in the UAE. The student body is 100% local (Arabs). They are required to take the IELTS exam for entering into the Bachelor program from the Associate Degree Program. The higher the IELTS score of the student, the better their chances and freedom to select a Bachelors program at HCT. Teaching English to the Arab learners was the main challenge. The English Department at HCT wanted an interactive program that offered instructions and translations in Arabic to assist the learners to solve questions in English. 

The Solution: 

We collaborated with the faculty of the English as well as the Arabic Department at HCT to create a list of English exercises with Arabic instructions. The eLearning program was created with the HCT learner in mind. 

The Result:

The program we created was shared across the faculty and is still being improved to enhance its effectiveness for the IELTS scores in HCT students. 


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