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The Challenge: 

Discover me is child enrichment and empowerment initiative focused on exploring the potential of children between 3-14 years of age. We celebrate a child’s process of exploration, experiences and discovery of self. Our programs are experiential and interactive based on multiple intelligences, Habits Of Mind and creative thinking skills. The programs encompass age specific fun-based activities exploring different intelligences and success characteristics, role plays, games, puzzles, brain teasers, creative art and expressions, debates and presentations focused on boosting success skills ,self-esteem, self-confidence & self- reflection for continuous learning. Programs at Discover me

  • Creative Genius - Explore your visual intelligence through activities based on all 8 intelligences for age 3-13 years. 
  • Success Saturdays - Empower your success skills for age 3-13 years. 
  • Thinking Hive for Parents - Interactive sessions exploring different aspects of child enrichment and empowerment. 
  • Gifted Kidz- workshop for exploring all eight intelligences for age 7-11 years. 
  • Young leader - workshop for experiencing leadership qualities for age 9-14 years.

The Solution: 

We designed an interactive marketing tool that was displayed on the Discover Me website. The interface we designed explained to the parents how their children can learn better with the aid of drawing. 

The Result:

Discover Me was able to demonstrate their learning philosophy better with the aid of our interactive interface. They were able to acquire larger student enrollment numbers, especially during the Summer and Winter breaks from schools. 

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